GEOTF is truly a community of passionate people and organizations with a fundamental vision.  Although we have a leadership team, we believe in the spirit of collaboration and a voice from all contributors.  We consist of an eclectic band of experts and professionals from around the world.  However, we all share a common goal of improving the lives of students with education technology.

Meet our leadership team --we would love to hear from you so please feel free to reach out to us!


Edward R. Swiderski III | Director
GEOTF Founder
Principal, GreenCanyon

Ed is a founder and serves as a director for the Foundation.  With over a decade of experience in enterprise technology and education, Ed brings a unique blend of both backgrounds.  Passionate about open technology platforms, Ed has contributed and assisted with establishing other organizations with similar causes.  Ed is truly an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys public speaking and building new businesses.


Julie Shaw | Board Member
Executive Director, Global Education Fund

Julie Shaw has over 30 years professional leadership working with government, private sector, and civil society groups worldwide. Ms. Shaw was the founder, and for ten years, the Executive Director of Urgent Action Fund, in Boulder. During her tenure, UAF invented the “rapid response grant-making model”, co-founded and mentored the now independent, Urgent Action Fund-Africa in Kenya; and laid the groundwork for the establishment of Urgent Action Fund-Latin America, which was recently launched in Columbia. Prior to Urgent Action Fund, Ms. Shaw was the Senior Program Manager for The Global Fund for Women, in San Francisco, where she created and managed a donor circle on sex trafficking.



Bryant Patten | Board Member
Executive Director, NCOSE

Mr. Patten is the Executive Director of the National Center for Open Source and Education – a non profit organization advocating Open Source adoption in K-12 schools throughout the United States. Mr. Patten has spent the last 25 years developing educational software for a variety of clients. He has managed the engineering departments for several companies, including his own, and has won several awards for software design. He is currently bringing Open Source software solutions to schools to help maximize their technology dollars and close the digital divide between students of diverse economic backgrounds.

Mr Patten has organized the FOSSVT Open Source and Education for the past several years and has spoken at a variety of conferences around the world.


Quinn Sutton | Board Member
Executive Director, Digital Alliance Foundation

Quinn Sutton has been an active player in the IT Education arena for over 15 years. Previously, Quinn is currently the Vice President of Marketing for KRYTERION - a secured, online testing company and has worked for a variety of industry leading companies including TestOut Corporation, where he not only lead marketing activities but also was the driving force in creating their online training curriculum for academic institutions. In addition to founding his own strategic marketing firm (Bleufinger, Inc.). He was responsible for global channel sales for SmartForce's Mentoring Services, the successful launch and worldwide marketing for Galton Technologies, strategic marketing and business planning for Novell Education, and worldwide marketing for WordPerfect Training&Certification. Quinn has lived and worked in South America, the Middle East, the Far East and Europe. He received an MBA from Pepperdine University in Malibu, and a Masters of International Business (MIB) from L'institut de Gestion Sociale and the Sorbonne in Paris, France. In addition, Quinn is a regular speaker at industry events a recognized author in trade publications and an active member of several professional associations.

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