about GEOTF

Imagine if every student on the planet had access to a web
accessible computer?  Now imagine if those computers were built with virtually free and open technologies that are based on global standards, enabling every institution from Anchorage to Andudu to have equal access to computing.

The Digital Divide and the Global Digital Divide indicate there is an increasing gap in access to technology between underprivileged and developed societies around the world.  Over the past decade, significant progress has been made with global infrastructure and devices becoming more available.  As mobile devices become more ubiquitous, the number of software platforms and standards also increases.  Our goal is to assist in developing standards that allow easy adaptability and flexibility among all devices and users.

To promote open standards and technologies in education globally, enabling every student an equal opportunity to access information and collaboration that will improve their lives.

Every student has equal access to information and technology around the globe.

Additionally, our goals include general edification for individuals and organizations who are interested in getting involved and promoting the cause.

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