Deloitte Sponsors GEOTF
and Chicago Public Schools
for Impact Day 2011 
Technology Conference
Chicago | USA | 6-10-2011

GEOTF/Deloitte Impact Day with Chicago Tech Academy

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/28/2011 - 13:15

It's hard to believe that while GEOTF is only a couple years old, we've had incredible momentum.  Especially with the help of major organizations such as Deloitte.  This year, Deloitte sponsored GEOTF for Impact Day, which is Deloitte's company-wide annual day to give back to the community.  Our two teams partnered with Chicago Tech Academy High School, who brought 60 students to Deloitte's Chicago office in the loop for the day.

The day consisted of tons of workshops for the students to interact with over 25 professionals (including Deb DeHaas, Deloitte's Vice Chairman) with a focus on career planning.  I have to say that they were some of the brightest kids I've ever interacted with.  Definitely some future leaders at Chi Tech!

I also want to thank all that have contributed to the cause, including volunteers.  You know who you are!

And the afterparty!

Fundraiser at Public House - Beauty and the Bachelor!

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We hope to see everyone at the event tomorrow night at Public House!  Proceeds go to GEOTF.

GEOTF Nominated for the Chicago Innovation Awards

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We are extremely honored to be nominated for the Chicago Innovation Awards this year.  This is an excellent opportunity for us to network among some of the brightest individuals and organizations in the region, and we look forward to the opportunity!

Launch Event Photo Gallery

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What do we do?  We work every day to make an impact on education around the globe, and we'd like your help.  Our studies involve domestic and international institutions and identify the greatest challenges and costs involved with adopting life-changing technologies.  The outcome of our studies help us determine subsequent programs and development to implement solutions.

How we intend to to get hands on:

  • Analyze institutions in third world countries and less privileged regions of the world to determine what open technologies could potentially improve the quality of life of students.
  • Understand what is most important to respective regions, such as budget, connectivity, flexibility, etc.
  • Collaborate with the ecosystem to understand who can assist and where.
  • Develop an implementation plan that will connect resources and funding to the highest priority challenges.

GEOTF has gathered a team of global experts across multiple organizations and borders...with one goal in mind:  Massive impact on education technology.

We are a band of educators, technologists, and leaders that have come together to share knowledge and drive adoption of technologies that will enable students to reach their full learning potential.  Our backgrounds include, K-12, Higher Education, Government, Enterprise, and Community Leadership. Learn more about our mission and our leadership team.

Imagine if every student on the planet had access to a web
accessible computer?  Now imagine if those computers were built with virtually free and open technologies that are based on global standards, enabling every institution from Anchorage to Andudu to have equal access to computing.

The Digital Divide and the Global Digital Divide indicate there is an increasing gap in access to technology between underprivileged and developed societies around the world.  Over the past decade, significant progress has been made with global infrastructure and devices becoming more available.  As mobile devices become more ubiquitous, the number of software platforms and standards also increases.  Our goal is to assist in developing standards that allow easy adaptability and flexibility among all devices and users.

To promote open standards and technologies in education globally, enabling every student an equal opportunity to access information and collaboration that will improve their lives.

Every student has equal access to information and technology around the globe.

Additionally, our goals include general edification for individuals and organizations who are interested in getting involved and promoting the cause.

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